Private Lessons are customized to your pace and learning style, therefore allowing you to progress faster.

Individual practice allows you to learn exactly what you want with undivided attention, helpful feedback and specific techniques to help you gain skill and confidence.

Private Lessons are offered in person (you come to me) and virtually (online) all you need is your own equipment.

How to Book a Private Lesson

  1. Pick a Pricing Option

  2. Select "Book Online" to view services

  3. Select "Read More" to view service details

  4. Select "Request to Book" to view calendar

  5. Pick an available date and time on calendar. (Please Note) If there is a day and time not listed on the schedule that you would like, please feel free to text 601-207-4559 during business hours. There will be an additional Convenience Fee for appointment days and times not listed on the schedule.

  6. Review your booking, add your info and submit request.

  7. Check email for approval

  8. Pay for service via email invoice due upon receipt

  9. Complete ALL documents via Sign Now email invitation

  10. Complete COVID-19 Health Declaration up to 24 hours prior to activity via email invitation

.Masks are MANDATORY, Screenings are REQUIRED and temperatures will be checked. 

Pricing Options


1 Lesson

30 Day Expiration

Pole & Dance



1 Lesson

30 Day Expiration

Pole, Aerial & Dance



4 Lessons

30 Day Expiration

Pole & Dance


Online Private Lessons


Private Lessons


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Semi Private Lessons



What is the difference between a private lesson and a party?

A Private Lesson is one on one instruction. A Private Party is a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving music, dance, entertainment, games, gifts, eating and drinking etc.

Can I do a private lesson with my friends?

Private Lessons are one on one instruction only. No spectators or extra people. It is recommended that groups celebrating a special occasion book a Private Party. Please see private party packages on the private party page. If your group would like to attend a workshop please visit the workshops page.

Do you offer daily classes?

We are unable to offer daily classes at this time. However we offer workshops, private lessons, private parties and services online.

What's the difference between a class and a workshop?

A class meets on a regular basis, for instance once a week or more frequent or less. While a workshop is a one time event usually with a particular focus or a special instructor. Workshops can last anywhere from one day to an entire weekend.

Where are you located?

Mississippi. I am also available for domestic and international travel.

Can you come to me for a private lesson?

Private Lessons are offered in person (you come to me) and virtually (online) all you need is your own equipment.

Do you offer online lessons?

Yes. All you need is your own equipment and a electronic device such as a mobile phone, tablet, or computer with a camera and internet connection. You may also purchase equipment from our Online Store. I also suggest subscribing to our Online Community for Video Tutorials, Online Coaching, Monthly Challenges, Exclusive Discounts and More!

Are there any age restrictions?

All persons must be at least 18.

Do your poles have a weight limit?

No. Our poles can accommodate more than one person at a time (doubles tricks).

Do I need to lose weight before I do a pole dance class?

No. AnyBODY can Pole! Pole Dancers come in many shapes and sizes. Pole Dance is just like any other exercise except more fun!

Can I just rent a stage pole?

Yes our stage poles are available on a first come first serve basis and great for Private Practice, Private Parties such as a Birthdays, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Corporate/Business Events, Music Videos, Media Production, Competitions, Expos, Conventions, Casino Entertainment, Photoshoots and Promotional Events. Our Stage Poles Do Not Need to be Mounted to the Ceiling or Floor, Can be used in a Home or Outside Setting and have Static or Spin Capabilities. Pole rentals do not come with an instructor or entertainer. However, you can hire The Polefessor as an instructor or performer to teach or perform at your event. Visit our Online Store for details on Equipment Purchases and Contact Us for Rentals.

What do I wear or bring?

Bring a towel, water and yoga mat. No street clothes or jewelry. Masks are REQUIRED. Pole Dance & Fitness Wear form fitted tops and bottoms that exposes the lower legs such as a tank top or t-shirt and shorts, bring a microfiber towel and spray bottle filled with alcohol to clean your pole. Aerial Silks Wear form fitted clothing free of buttons and zippers that cover the back of the knees, armpits and midsection. Lyra Wear form fitted clothing that exposes the back of the knees. Bring a microfiber towel and spray bottle filled with alcohol to clean your equipment. Heels Dance Bring long socks, leg warmers or knee pads to cover and protect your knees. Dress as sexy or conservative as you like. Heels are optional. Floorwork Wear form fitted clothing that covers the legs and knees such as thigh high socks, leg warmers and bring knee pads if you have them. Stretch & Flexibility Wear form fitted clothing that covers the legs
Twerk Bring knee pads if you have them, wear form fitted "twerkable" bottoms Chair Dance You are welcome to bring a zipper/button up shirt.